Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V-Day Plus One

Y'all get laid last night?  My Twitter feed seemed awfully quiet shortly after dinner... I was amused by the high amounts of traffic on my way to pick up James from day care.  And frantic, too.  It felt like some sordid reality game show where the men had to get home by a certain time to get their annual blowjobs.  (Actually, I'd watch that shit!) 

So here I am at work and everyone seems a bit subdued.  I'm curious how this mass afterglow will affect my day.  I'm guessing people will be less rude to one another.  Or maybe drive a little slower and calmer.  I like the smiles.  There seems to be plenty of those.  And there were a lot of women who chose to stand on the train this morning even though they were offered seats.  I wonder what that's all about... ;-)


Phillis S said...

Hey Jay See. Not sure where to leave this comment, but I just wanted to let you know that I actually read more than one paragraph of this blog that was randomly selected for my viewing pleasure, and I actually stuck around and read the entire first page without needing nudity or... well... Nudity. Ya got my attention and kept me here without nudity. Give yourself a high five!
Now please... I'll wait.
Okay you can stop.
Stop please. People are starting to notice.
Very entertaining blog. Even after the part you where revealed your political retardation.
You know why? Because it's good writing. And you seem like someone I could actually sit and talk to. And maybe learn a thing or two. Most of the liberals I know just say stuff they hear in songs or see on bumper stickers as if it's something they truly believe. But most of them are so dishonest with themselves, they don't know why they believe what they believe. It's as if someone tells them what to believe in and that's what they believe in until they're told not to believe in it anymore. Like gas prices. The last president was crucified for two dollar gas, and we're pushing five dollars and no one says a thing. Maybe they're afraid of being called a racist. I don't know.
But you seem to have the brains to back up what you believe. And I respect you for that.

JC said...

If you can't see how much damage the Republican party has done to this country in the last two decades then you're just as delusional and ignorant as the rest of them. Home work assignment: Do some research and find out when the gas prices started sky rocketing, and get back to me.