Friday, June 26, 2015


Today is the sixteenth anniversary of my marriage to my beautiful, lovely wife. It's also the day when the United States of America decided to make marriage legal for all people regardless of gender. I am honored to share this new historic anniversary with such an important event in our nation's history. And the reason is simple: Love Wins. Always.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


by Howard Nemerov

Unable to get into the Monet show,
Too many people there, too many cars,
We spent the Sunday morning at Bowl Pond
A mile from the Museum, where no one was,
And walked an hour or so around the rim
Beside five acres of flowering waterlilies
Lifting three feet above their floating pads
Huge yellow flowers heavy on bending stems
In various phases of array and disarray
Of Petals packed, unfolded, opening to show
The meaty orange centers that become,
When the ruined flags fall away, green shower heads
Spilling their wealth of seed at summer’s end
Into the filthy water among small fish
Mud-colored and duck moving explorative
Through jungle pathways opened among the fronds
Upon whose surface water drops behave
Like mercury, collecting in heavy silver coins
Instead of bubbles; some few redwinged blackbirds
Whistling above all this once in a while,
The silence else unbroken all about.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Steven Universe is incredible.

Somewhere between trying to get all the meals prepared and making sure there's clean laundry for James to wear to school we eased up on our TV rules. There's a lot of opinions out there about TV and how bad it is for children. In general, pretty much everything is bad for children. Beware the opinions of the internet. I grew up on TV and I turned out awesome! Anyway, Cartoon Network is James' choice of viewing. One of the shows he likes is Steven Universe. So, if James is watching it then Daddy's watching it, too. And I have been continuously pleased with the subject matter and themes touched on in this show. It's so poignant sometimes. Not like the violent Tom and Jerry I grew up watching.

Friday, June 12, 2015


I like the idea of keeping notebooks. I keep a notebook in my bag all the time and jot down tibits of ideas. Good lines. Funny observations. Sometimes they grow into something bigger. Sometimes the seed never takes. But I like the idea of having a notebook to scrawl in. Just in case. Maybe someday my grandchildren will gather them up and look through them like I was some mystical man who journeyed to Virginia from Illinois. Lover of Chicago food. Author of poetry. Player of video games. Lover of skin and lips. I'm pretty sure that last part will be apparent in the notebooks they find.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Currently hooked on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Funny yes. But there's something about it that feels so normal. People (who just happen to be famous) talking about whatever. It makes me want to find someone to take to get coffee.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Music Appreciation: Tanlines

Camping II

I haven't camped much in the rain. Always been lucky that way. Not this time. For the five days we spent on the mountain it rained for 3 1/2 of them. When it rains all other planned activities get scrapped. The only activity we cared about was staying dry. And even though it rained a lot, we still managed to have fun. James remained as upbeat as ever even though we had to wear winter hats to bed and he developed a cough/cold. The last day was beautiful and I set up my new hammock. I wish I could have laid in that thing for five days, but one day is better than no days.