Friday, December 28, 2007

Things I Like Right Now

1. The third Harry Potter book.

2. Comic Life (no longer exclusive to Apple).

3. Lego fruit snacks.

4. My new Moleskine notebooks.

5. Jonah Hill appearances in movies.

6. Black, red, orange, and silver.

7. Fresca (zero calories, zero).

8. Planter's Peanuts, lightly salted.

9. Ellie Kreiger of the Food Network.

10. My new red coffee maker.

11. Monkeys (always monkeys).

She's a Mod

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post Holiday Cheer

Is it over? Already?

I'm back at work today. Though I think I'm the only one. No one on the road this morning. No one at work today. Don't tell anyone, but I'm totally sneaking out of here early today.

Christmas was wonderful. Unfortunately, my parents were not able to get to us because their flight was canceled. We didn't allow that to get us down. So this was our first Christmas sans Illinois and family. I swear each year that state seeps out of me more and more.

We got a new dog on Saturday. We weren't planning on speaking of it until we knew it was going to work out. Looks like this one's a keeper. She's white with brown ears and much smaller than the others. We have no name for her yet. Her racing name was Ageless. She's very sweet and calm and reserved.

Christmas morning was beautiful. We opened presents and played with our toys. We bought each other inline skates so we were outside skating around (it was quite warm and sunny). Our street was so quiet and peaceful. Other people were outside walking around and smiling at each other.

Our Christmas dinner was huge since I was planning on cooking for four. We had the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole. I also made oyster dressing for the first time (typically southern fare, or "soul food"). And the highly-desired corn pudding. For dessert, I made a chocolate layer cake.

A Christmas Story played on our TV all day and I took a nap for the first time in years. Lynette even took a picture of it.

Yesterday was nice, too. I imagine this whole week will be quite festive and cheery. Good thing I got enough Christmas sweaters to last the week.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas is Coming, Everybody!

I'm a sucker for Christmas. I love everything about it. Regardless of religious persuasion, beliefs, etc., I find the whole rigmarole fun and exciting. Obviously, we have fond memories of Christmas as a child. I'm sure we can all remember that one special Christmas when we got that one awesome gift. I've been lucky enough to have a few Christmas mornings when I received awesome gifts.

I remember the year I got Lazer Tag. (Nerd alert!) It was the year it was the hot gift of the season. My best friend and I both asked our parents for them, but we later discovered that it was near impossible to find in the stores. Somehow momma pulled it off. I don't know how she did it. But I was like the Nintendo 64 kid when I unwrapped that gift (see video below if you don't know about the Nintendo 64 kid).

Then there was the year I got my first ten-speed bicycle. A Schwinn. Red. Beautiful.

This year will be the first year I won't be in Illinois during Christmas. Due to the new home purchase earlier this year, we cannot afford to go home. But it's going to be great. We still have plenty of gifts under our tree. I've got a grand feast planned. Each day Christmas gets nearer, I get a few more butterflies in my stomach.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My New Favorite Thing

I have a new favorite thing: these work out style pants. I bought them when we (briefly) had a dog. You see, at night I used to wear pajama bottom style pants while lounging around the house. But since the dog had to go outside before bed I purchased these pants to serve a dual purpose. I can lounge around in them AND wear them outside without people wondering, "Is that guy in his pajamas?"

And to my surprise, they're warm. They insulate and keep the wind from cutting through the fabric. Genius!

Then a couple weeks ago we decided to buy inline skates. Well, these multipurpose pants will do just fine as we zoom around the neighborhood. (The skates have not yet been enjoyed because we're wrapping them up and putting them under the tree.)

Then last night we went jogging outside for the first time. We usually do our running indoors at the gym. Once again, the magic pants proved valuable.

The only worry I have is that these "athletic" pants might be one step away from the sweat pants mentality. Honestly, I have gone out into the public wearing these pants. Do people view me in these pants and conclude that I'm giving up on life? That I no longer care how I am perceived? That moments before shuffling down this ice cream aisle, I was lying on a couch brushing Cheetos crumbs off my chest?


Friday, December 7, 2007


I learned a new word yesterday: crushload. As in, "Metro customers, please be advised that we are currently experiencing crushloads."

The man whose body I was spooning asked, "What's a crushload?"

With my mouth centimeters away from his ear, I replied, "You're in it, buddy."

Due to the annual White House Christmas tree lighting ceremony, last night's evening commute was nothing short of epic.

I purposefully took the train into work yesterday to avoid said commute because I made the mistake of getting caught in it last year. Guess I wasn't the only "smart guy."

Oh yeah, and there was also a "suspicious package" found at the Pentagon station causing a delay for a few hours yesterday afternoon (probably somebody's half-eaten braunschweiger sandwich) . The proverbial cherry on top.

I eventually made it to my final destination, fought to get off the train car, and decided to walk home rather than take a taxi. I estimated a 10 to 15 minute walk.

25 minutes later I arrived home. Hands frozen, face numb. Crushloads on my mind.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I Saw Snow

It was definitely snow. On my way to work this morning. Tiny, swirling flakes. So small that maybe I'm the only one who noticed them. Wait, maybe it was a figment of my imagination. Dammit, am I seeing snow again?