Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dogs, Blogs, and Taco Bell

Actually, I have nothing to say about Taco Bell. Well, we did stop and eat at one in Breezewood, PA when we finally exited the Pennsylvania Turnpike Sunday night. I think I ate a Chalupa. I still feel slightly dirty for ingesting it.

We received a telephone call from Blue Ridge Greyhound Adoption last night... looks like they're willing to give us another dog. Let's hope the new dog doesn't have the same issues Abe did. I have to assume they wouldn't give us another dog with the same problem (separation anxiety for those of you not paying attention).

His name is Royal Flush and he looks just like Abe. Which is a good thing because now our neighbors won't know that we switched dogs. "Hey, didn't those people have a different greyhound a couple weeks ago? How many greyhounds do they have up there?"

Obviously, we're going to change his name. I thought Roy would be good, but Lynette's grandfather was named Roy. Then I thought, "How about something Christmas-y!" The reindeer names are out of the question because a lot of greyhound owners name their dogs Dasher or Comet.

No, I need something that rolls off the tongue, like Vince. Or Bert. Or Harvey.

How about Barry?

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