Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gloomy Tuesday

It's a gloomy Tuesday, Everybody! My contacts throughout the country verify that it is also gloomy where they're located. So let's make a list (Yippee! Another list!) *Note: I have no contacts west of the Mississippi - I'm sure it's beautiful out there.

Good things:

1. French toast for dinner.
2. Fast elevators.
3. Driving in front of the bus rather than behind it.
5. Ample counter space.
6. Photographs on people's desks.
9. Free fonts online (for my fellow Photoshop nerds)
10. Looking forward to Indiana Jones
11. Georgie James
13. "Extra Chunky" peanut butter


Lynette said...

4. French toast for dinner two nights in a row.

ezabeta said...

St. Paul: East of the Mississippi
Minneapolis: West of the mighty Mississippi. Woops!
By the way- cool and sunny in ND.
Oh, and #12 should be brand new book stores.