Monday, July 8, 2013

The Marriage of Elizabeth and Marx

Last week I experienced an event that brought hope to a world so often full of tragedies and pain and cynicism. I witnessed the true, ethereal power of love in its most sought after form. If I didn't have photos to prove it, y'all wouldn't believe me. This event occurred on June 28, 2013, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the dreamy banks of an infinite river.

As the bride and groom stood knee-deep in the muddy current of the Mississippi, their guests drank wine from Mason jars while listening to the joyous sounds of a live bluegrass band. Rain and sunshine danced back and forth all day with brief demonstrations of their tumultuous power, and children played on a rope swing that hung from a tree. Bugs kept their distance and we ate deliciously grilled sausages and hamburgers skillfully made by local chefs hired for the occasion. Kisses were captured in the photo booth, and Middy the Dog, wearing a handkerchief that matched the groom's tie, stalked the tables for scraps of food.

The entire day was an organic metaphor for the symbolic union of two lovers who spent their lives navigating the wilderness of life while beautifully nurturing the love they clearly have for each other. Thank God for their endeavor. I have an immense amount of hope for these two people. I can't wait to see what grows out of their lives after this perfect start to the rest of their gorgeous lives.

Love is alive and well. 

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