Monday, December 15, 2014

Music Appreciation: Best of 2014

I have a cynical outlook on time. How humans have manipulated the concept of time from an actual unit of measurement to a constraint or barrier that we use either as a way to label or identify arbitrary things in our lives. Or, how we have turned time into fences that surround our trivial moments. For example, yes, I get very caught up in holidays and certain dates of commemoration. But these are just numbers on a calendar. Days of the week and months and years are cute and pretty, but they're meaningless on a celestial plane. There's really only two time-related events humans should concern themselves with: Summer and Winter. Everything else is minutia. With that said, I would like to present my favorite album of the year Two-Thousand Fourteen...

I purchased this album with no knowledge of their previous offerings. I don't know if or how the band has evolved over the years blah blah blah. What I can tell you is that I have it on vinyl and it has consistently gotten heavy rotation on our living room record player. Atlas has a transformative, ethereal beauty to it. It conjures up in me feeling of nostalgia and care-free moods of years long gone. Listening to Altas gives me a sense that some day, if I try hard enough, I can get those years back. I can move myself mentally and emotionally back into the mindset of my college years when music meant everything and love was the only thing I lived for.

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