Thursday, May 28, 2015

My son's first camping trip. Part I

Five years ago we drove up into the mountains of Shenandoah National Park and haven't been back since. Reason: James. Before becoming parents we camped several times a year. But in a few days we are going back in and it will be our son's very first camping experience. We bought a fancy new tent, a fancy new bike rack, and fancy new sleeping bags. I'm very excited to experience the wilderness through the eyes of my son. I truly hope this is the start of his love for camping. Rain is in the forecast for part of the week. Typical weather at the top of a mountain. Memories of Yellowstone... The Sun beating down one minute and snow the next. It was magnificent. As if the normal rules of nature did not exist or were somewhat skewed. This weekend we shop for camping food. My favorite part of any camping trip. (re: Cheetos)

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