Tuesday, June 28, 2011


There I was standing on the street corner behind my condo building waiting for the bus when a man began chatting with me about the Washington Nationals.  I had a Nats cap on so he knew I'd be a willing partner.  He wasn't sure of the new coach, or Jayson Werth's current performance, or if Bernadina should be playing center field, etc.  Negative statements mostly, but I stood there nodding my head in quasi-agreement/understanding and realized how good it felt to be a fan.  Leaving Illinois was hard only insomuch that I was moving away from my favorite sports teams. But now I have a team I can call my own again.  It's a team my dad brushes off merely because they're not a hundred and eighty years old, but a major league baseball team nonetheless. 

When people can stand on a street corner and second guess the decisions made by the local ball team, well, what more could the Nationals organization want? 

Also, Wednesday nights are $1 hot dog nights at Nats Park.  That doesn't hurt either.

Also, the Nats aren't in last place anymore (for now).

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Lynette said...

I even have a new baseball boyfriend. Michael Morse. So, it's official then. And it has nothing to do with the Nats, but I also think it's dumb that Jayson Werth spells Jayson with a "y" - why?