Tuesday, July 5, 2011


SoulPancake asks:    How are you connected to the universe?

Obviously, we're all connected to the universe in similar ways, so I guess the question should be How do you perceive yourself connected to the universe?  Religious people will say something about God, scientists will say something about molecules and atoms, hippies will say something about weed.  Wait, what was the question again? 

Here's another question: Does is matter if we are aware of our connectedness to the universe?  I say no.  In fact, I'll go one step further and say knowing how we are connected might be detrimental to the connection.  Nothing kills a relationship faster than knowing you're in a relationship.  "Wait, are we dating now?"

The beauty of our existence is its obliviousness to its inner workings.  If the wildebeest knew the alligators were lurking in the river they'd stop going to the river, in turn eliminating both wildebeests and alligators.  I say ignorance is bliss.  Eat up, boys.

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