Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lucky 13

I have been married to Lynette for 13 years as of today.  It's a peculiar phenomenon when after we meet people on our journeys that it's difficult to imagine a life without them.  But I'm pretty sure I knew Lynette and I were destined to be together the moment I met her, circa 1993.  Unfortunately, this was not a shared vision.  Lynette's love was earned (one of the two proudest accomplishments in my life).

I don't know when Lynette decided I was good enough to be her man.  Maybe she waited until I climbed some mountains and crashed some cars before she risked everything on me.  A man shouldn't question the gifts he receives, but rather show the necessary appreciation for them.  I can care less how air keeps us alive, I'm just glad it does.  I don't know which joke it was I told that convinced Lynette I was a keeper, I'm just glad I told the right one.  

Regardless, we did it.  We got married in a hot church and have never complained about the heat ever since.  


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