Monday, October 15, 2012

One Strike

There were a lot of great, heartfelt, genuinely poetic articles written over the weekend lamenting and soothing the Nationals freakish loss to the Cardinals on Friday night. Given the overall young ages of most of the team and their absolute dominance of the National League, there's no doubt they'll be back in the same situation for many years to come. I don't mind losing. And I don't mind tension. But as a veteran to stunning, unpredictable loses that crush the soul (2003 Cubs) I thought I'd never have to feel that pain ever again.  We can all remember the first time someone dumped us and broke our heart. The beauty of that pain is that it's never that bad ever again.  I was able to get over the Cubs being 5 outs away from their first World Series in 100 years before choking to the Marlins. But this time the Nats were ONE strike away.  5 times!

Some day in the future one of my grandchildren will ask their dad why Grandpa hates the Cardinals so much. But he/she won't fully understand. Especially if they're not a baseball fan.

It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't watch baseball why or how it's so painful. One strike away...

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