Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I wrote this poem for my wife for Valentine's Day

Natural Love

For L.

I feel wild with you.
Like an animal.
And wild animals prefer not to be seen.
So we live in the heart of a glacier 
With eyes like doves
Looking out to the world of rushed hours and lifeless balconies wondering
How many thighs and lips go unkissed,
Or if the early Moon in the afternoon is true.

I used to think that all roads led everywhere;
That my street eventually became your street,
That our connections were only a matter of distance,

But we're two fiery comets in the same dark matter aching to collide,
Happily navigating the same sticky system of intricate decisions,
Careful not to wreck the delicate web with our timid feet,

Determined to stay hidden 
From the naked eye.

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