Thursday, March 14, 2013

Save Me.

It finally happened. The power here at the hospital flickered and everyone's computers shut off.  Then - a cacophony of groans from people who obviously don't live by Uncle Jason's first rule of office life: Save early and often. The higher-ups scurried from their cozy offices surrounding the perimeter of our cubicles choking on their pasta salads and four-hour old pinkish-colored Starbucks drink. (I guess if I had my own office I wouldn't eat food among the dregs of the office either.) Boy, there's nothing like a little loss of whatever the heck you were working on to get fellow office workers in a state of over-dramatic, spastic derping. These are the same people who approached everyone they saw this morning and notified them that there's a new Pope like they're the source of ALL NEWS.

Anyway, I just lean back and smile, because some people love to watch the world burn.

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