Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Best Wife

In case you were wondering, Lynette is the best wife ever. Evar. Seriously, she's the tops.

On Thursday, she bought me a gift. It has been two years since we quit smoking. Apparently, Lynette thinks I'm kind responsible for our success. And to show her appreciation she bought me a Playstation 3.

I had mentioned it would be nice to have for the built-in Blu-Ray player (since Blu-Ray officially defeated HD-DVD in the format war). I am a big fan of the technological toys and video games, etc. So we ran out and picked one up. And I've been like a kid on that thing ever since (big surprise). I even (almost) ruined dinner last night because of it - busy saving the world and whatnot. *Also, another thanks to Lynette for saving dinner last night.

Anyway, I just wanted to make an official statement here that Lynette is awesome.

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