Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fat Girl?

Um, I heard about this yesterday. The hoopla over Glamour showing "nude" pictures of a "plus-size" model... well, here it is. Here's your "plus-sized" "model"... First of all, am I wrong to point out that this woman looks very, very, very normal?
Second, this chick is hot.
Third, why aren't women like this on magazine covers? This woman is a true representation of our society. The problem with this picture is that it shows how very much screwed up we are as a people because a photo like this is causing people like me to blog about it. Quick, let's get back to the emaciated, anorexic girls so I can get back to feeling "normal."

The following is from the blog Occasional Superherione:

So here we have a nude photo that ran in Glamour magazine of a woman with a modest belly. It is, as bellies go, not really that big. In fact, if we had a supermodel contest for elegant bellies, this would probably win.

Now, did women go apes**t and totally bash this woman on Glamour's website for being fat? Is "True Blood" about vampires?

You know, I'm out to lose weight but I don't even try to appeal some tired "justification" as to thin being awesome (I love the woman who commented that the pictured model encouraged diabetes). We are in a shallow, shallow society and these are unfortunately the things (losing weight) that women often get more kudos for than being kick-ass at their job or being a great mother. Seeking out extreme weight loss to fit those skinniest of skinny jeans is on par, in my estimation, with putting a metal bolt through your earlobe or some other form of body-modification. It's extreme. Supermodels are extreme. Celebrities are often extreme. This isn't reality or the norm.

But thank God we have other women to (if you excuse the expression) keep the herd in line when anybody tries to break into normality and sanity. If the point being made over and over again is that "people just want to look at perfect people, not stomach rolls" – that means that as a society, we are so out of touch that we have developed a natural craving for unreality. To me, it's the mental equivalent of diabetes. We've induced Type 2 Insanity on the female population.

That said, I really want to fit into my old skinny jeans. Not the size 0s or 2s. But know, the size sixes. Maybe...four. Size four.

(Steamed veggie dumplings and Diet Coke for lunch...eying BF's greasy eggroll dangerously)

"Real Women Have Belly Fat"

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