Thursday, September 10, 2009

I kick so much ass. Almost too much ass.

You have no idea - no idea - how good it is to be back at work. Paychecks are very good. Very, very good.

What? What is JC talking about?

Well, some of you were in the the know. The rest of you out in the cold. Here's the abridged version: They tried to get rid of me, but I was too quick for 'em and now I'm back.

That's a bit vague... I was "laid off."

Oh No!

But (some would call me a genius, others extremely lucky, me simply resourceful and aware) I applied for a different job within my unit a couple weeks prior. I saw it coming. And I tried to beat the clock. I didn't. I was off for about a week.

(Mom, Dad, if you're reading this I didn't tell you because I didn't want to worry you unnecessarily. Chances are you won't read this and we can just move on with our lives as if it never happened.)

So, I'm an investigator now. I'd much rather be an inspector. I think girls prefer inspectors over investigators.

No, we like Program Analysts.

Shut up! Those days are over!

Anyway, Christmas is back on the menu, boys!


Max said...

Welcome back to the world of the employed! I know you enjoy the paycheck but hopefully you enjoyed your days of playing video games. Nice Lord of the Rings reference too!

Lynette said...

I said genius. That was me.

Lynette said...

Wait...where was the LOTR reference?

Ross said...

Great! I will be expecting my pony (and this year it should NOT be glue form).