Friday, February 19, 2010


1. I keep trying to open automatic doors manually. And by the time I realize I'm trying to open an automatic door it's already a quarter of the way open and I commit to opening it fully, pretending that I meant to do that and that it ain't heavy. But isn't it funny how a device made to accommodate the minority makes things slightly more complicated for the majority? Also, I DO think ALL people should be allowed to pass through any door regardless of conveyance. Is this a moral quandary? What is this?

2. Yesterday I was walking through the Metro station headed for the turnstile when I heard a woman yelling from the row of fare card dispensers, "Anyone got a dollar? I need a dollar!" but I kept walking ignoring her pleas like everyone else. It wasn't until minutes later when I was standing on the platform that I thought to myself, "I have a dollar. I could've given her one." Why didn't I just stop and give her a dollar? A dollar means nothing to me. Why did I keep walking with the rest of the people? And why didn't I go back?

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