Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Invisible Train

I can't think of a place that renders its occupants more invisible than the inside of a subway train.  Or, actually, it's more like we each independently think we're invisible to the world, but won't or can't tell each other that no, you're not invisible like me.  Kind of how we all agree on what red looks like even though its impossible to know if my red looks the same as your red. 

Today I looked up from my book and discovered a woman looking at me.  Typically, eye contact on the train is strange territory and usually accidental.  But this chick was looking at me.  Was she thinking, "Does he know he's not invisible?"  Or was she thinking, "Wow, that guy hasn't looked up once during this entire trip." Or was she thinking, "Red hoodie was a good choice, dude. Roll on, righteous man."  Or was she thinking, "I'd do him."  Prolly that last one.  Yeah.

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