Friday, July 6, 2012

Dreams of Crooked Streams

This heat.  Am I right?  Yeah.  Anyway.  I still prefer the summer over the winter.  Sweating is such a reaffirmation of life, like getting winded on a long set of stairs or waking up with a boner.  We can't barricade ourselves in an air conditioned cubicle forever.  Eventually, we're going to have to get in our car that's been baking in a parking lot all day.  If those first few minutes waiting for the a/c to kick in don't remind you who's in charge then why even have a cock? Why bother stopping off on the side of the road for sweet corn when you can just buy it at the grocery store?  Because it tastes good, that's why.  Every hot, sweaty day is a beautiful ear of corn.  Slather it with butter before it gets cold and bland.

I know there's parts of my life that could use more butter.  I let my corn get cold.  Epic changes in life often start with the realization that my dinner sucks.  Don't let your dinner suck, man.  And if it does, it's okay.  You can make another dinner.

Metaphors.  Where would we be without 'em?  All this talk of corn dinners and sweating in the summer heat will most likely waft right over your head.  Unless you're privy to the metaphor.  Fortunately, I caught your attention back at the mention of morning wood.  Let that metaphorical erection be your guide.  Follow it down your road of seasons. And don't forget to laugh when you realize we all pee funny first thing in the morning.

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