Friday, July 20, 2012


Day five of The Great Third Floor Flood of 2012...

I'm settling in just fine up here on the lofty ninth floor.  The woman in the cube next to me, Priti (pronounced Prithi) is appreciating my jokes, I'm sure.  She'll miss me when I'm gone.  And my boss is stationed on the eighth floor which is also nice.  Not that I don't like him - he's a fine gentleman - but, you know, he's the boss.  My new, temporary cubicle is fashioned so that my computer screen is visible to all who walk by, so I'm a little bit more aware of my online surroundings as I venture down the alleys and pathways of our glorious internet while at work.

This is my week of trying new things.  For lunch I sauntered into a carry out place whose name I could not pronounce and ordered a meal equally unpronounceable.  And I drank a Pepsi.

Also, we've been issued Blackberry's as a permanent replacement for our desk phones.

Pepsi and Blackberry.  If this flood event goes on any longer I'll be touting the benefits and comfort of wearing women's underwear.  

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