Thursday, August 16, 2012


I received a package in the mail yesterday.  I was expecting a package, but this one was too big to be the book I ordered.  The return address label said, which meant only one thing: My conservative, right-wing brother was sending me something (my belated birthday gift) that would surely angry up my blood.  However, inside the box was Bill's book about the Lincoln assassination.  Considering that there are many, many other (arguably better) books written on the subject of President Lincoln's death, I'm making the judgment call here that this was an extreme act of passive aggression.

My brother, who I call Big Potty, knows I'm a left-leaning Liberal.  (Yet he still made sure to text me from his place in line at Chick-Fil-A two weeks ago just to get me riled.)  I can't politely tell him that I think O'Reilly is an ass hat, because this was a birthday present!  In defense of the birthday present, it's not a partisan perspective on the tragedy of Lincoln's death, just a glorified one.  Sigh.  The thing is also signed by Mr. O'Reilly himself.

It's hard being so different from my only true-blooded brother.  So hard.

However, the book did come with a free American flag! (True story.)

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