Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sizable and Significant

There's a storm comin.' In this part of the world that means we're doomed to be trapped in our homes forced to break apart the wooden furniture for firewood and stockpile toilet paper, which will most likely be used as our new form of apocalyptic currency, hence the perforations. It means the masses will flood the grocery stores and empty the shelves of milk and bread. It means people like me will once again post smart ass observations in an attempt to be humorous. I'm trendy.

I love these looming snow predictions. The weather here in the DC region is usually quite mild and dull. But for a few brief days in the winter we can get excited with anticipation of heavy snow. Bring on trivial conversations with strangers on the elevator!  Also, I work for the government, so I'll most likely get the day off.

This town seems particularly preoccupied with getting ahead and winning the game of work. It's a hustle bustle city and far too often its residents forget to relax and take time to appreciate life. A snow day forces us to stay home and do nothing. It's a power we have no control over. Embracing our lack of control is the key to happiness.


Chris said...

I wish it forced me to stay home and do nothing. In reality snow days force me to stay home with two kids and telework (for real, not "work at home") all day. F'in technology.

Ioan Ciupitu said...

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