Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My New Favorite Thing

I have a new favorite thing: these work out style pants. I bought them when we (briefly) had a dog. You see, at night I used to wear pajama bottom style pants while lounging around the house. But since the dog had to go outside before bed I purchased these pants to serve a dual purpose. I can lounge around in them AND wear them outside without people wondering, "Is that guy in his pajamas?"

And to my surprise, they're warm. They insulate and keep the wind from cutting through the fabric. Genius!

Then a couple weeks ago we decided to buy inline skates. Well, these multipurpose pants will do just fine as we zoom around the neighborhood. (The skates have not yet been enjoyed because we're wrapping them up and putting them under the tree.)

Then last night we went jogging outside for the first time. We usually do our running indoors at the gym. Once again, the magic pants proved valuable.

The only worry I have is that these "athletic" pants might be one step away from the sweat pants mentality. Honestly, I have gone out into the public wearing these pants. Do people view me in these pants and conclude that I'm giving up on life? That I no longer care how I am perceived? That moments before shuffling down this ice cream aisle, I was lying on a couch brushing Cheetos crumbs off my chest?



sana said...

i have pants like that too..the multitasking almost sweatpants, but not quite there pants... LOVE THEM....as long as you wear them in moderation and not at the mall or something when you're not doing anything athletic..it should be fine.

Big Potty said...

The Sopranos are gone. Get over it.