Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Friday, Everybody!

It's Friday. And it's raining. Sort of. It's like that half rain/half mist where it's too little for the windshield wipers, but too much to see. I know, I could use the delay feature on my wipers. But I don't.

BTW, in case you were wondering how R2-D2 got his name... click here.

We're going to have company this weekend: Joe and Karen, the parents. They weren't able to get here on X-mas morning so here we are, two weeks later. I think I'm going to make a nice, big pot of chili. I'm sure my dad and I will watch football, so it seems appropriate. Plus, the chili I make is out of this world. The secret recipe was handed down to us from Lynette's father, Jim. We call it Healin' Chili because it is the cure for any ailment, physical and psychological. If we had a horse-drawn wagon and a bunch of little bottles, I'd call it elixir and sell it from town to town: "Step right up, folks!"

Our dog, Leia, has been doing great. It's still early, but we're learning about each other and trying to develop our routines and peculiarities. She stays home all day alone without a peep (we record her on a web cam). She sleeps probably 22 hours a day. Or at least it seems that way. Soon we'll be weening her out of the crate (though she surely seems to like it in there).

Have a good weekend. Stay strong. Be humorous. Eat some fruit.

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