Friday, January 4, 2008

Leia and the Rosetta Stone

Our dog's name is Leia. She's white with brown ears. She's calm and affectionate and, most importantly, able to stay home alone without barking and crying. We like her. We're keeping her.

I am going to learn to speak Spanish. I recently obtained computer software called Rosetta Stone that will help me learn it. There is no reason for learning this new language other than adding to my long list of skillz. Obviously, it doesn't hurt to know another language, but I'm doing it to keep my brain in shape. As humans age, their minds tend to become mushy and lethargic. Just like with physical exercise for the body, the brain needs to remain challenged and active. This is part of the reason why I took up the violin two years ago. And why I play video games at age 34. And why I taught myself how to create web sites and use Photoshop on the computer. All things I don't necessarily have to know in order to get by in life.

Plus, bi-linguals make some serious cash, no? Maybe I can teach English as a second language or something.

So how was everyone's Christmas? Santa bring you everything you wished for? On behalf of the crew working on the Capitol J Blog, I'd like to welcome everyone back to their realities and routines after a successful holiday season. It's good to be home.

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