Friday, May 9, 2008

Iron Man in the Can!

Have I told you about the mysterious bathroom articles? No?

A few times a week some unknown man leaves an article in the bathroom stall that I frequently use (embrace routine). These articles are printed from the internet and show evidence of being folded up tight enough to fit into a pocket. (I'd be discreet, too... no one wants to watch a guy walk into the bathroom with a folded newspaper under his arm.) Considerately, these articles are always left hanging on the toilet paper dispenser.

Usually, these articles are of the political ilk. Sometimes we get something sports related. Mostly, they're articles I'd never read if I wasn't sitting on the terlet because, well, they're pretty dull. Fortunately, the mysterious article supplier is bipartisan. The political articles seem to cover both parties fairly evenly. And the sports articles must be a fall-back option when there just anything worth reading that day.

But today, oh boy, today we get Iron Man! Yup, that's right, as in Iron Man the movie starring Robert Downey Jr. Albeit, it's a movie review from The New Yorker (zzzzzzzzzz), but still! Iron Man!

And the funny thing about this movie review from The new Yorker is I can't tell if the reviewer liked it or not. I think they did. Why the hell are people going to The New Yorker for movie reviews anyway? Stupid New Yorker. Somebody should supply my stall with better articles...

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