Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nine Years Ago

On this day, in the year 1999, Lynette and I were married on a very hot day in a small town in Illinois.

It's been nine years. And I am still in love with her. In fact, I might even love her more than I did then. (Not that I didn't love her lots then, but... oh, you know what I mean!)

A lot has happened in our lives since that day. But the one thing that has always remained constant is our love for one another. And even now with our futures not looking very transparent, the one thing that we are certain of is each other.

I know I'm a very lucky man. There's no denying it. Some days I wonder why she said yes. I wonder what she sees in me. I wonder what I did right to deserve such a gift. Whatever it is, I'm grateful. And I'm too afraid to speculate what my life would be like without her. I only hope I can sustain this lucky streak!

Happy Anniversary, Lynette! Tonight we eat sushi at our favorite sushi joint. And if we still had a VCR, we'd watch the tape of our wedding. (We really do need to get that transfered to DVD.)


1 comment:

Lynette said...

That went down like a warm glass 'o milk. 'wink'

Nine is fine. ~L

Ps. Why am I the only one who doesn't remember the heat on our wedding day?