Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nuked the Fridge

Apparently, the phrase Nuked the Fridge has become synonymous with Jumped the Shark.

Meaning, it's the moment in a television series (or theatrical series) when the show is no longer believable. In other words, it's the pivotal moment in a series when that series starts to just plain suck.

There are web sites devoted to revealing the many moments in television history when shows Jump the Shark.

But I have to disagree with the use of Nuked the Fridge. I personally thought that scene was rather funny. Whimsical, even. And quite consistent with the previous installments of Indiana Jones.

In fact, I'm getting pretty pissed off at all the whiny naysayers. Sure, the refrigerator scene was fanciful and probably scientifically impossible, but can't the same be said about magical golden boxes and Holy Grails? When did the fans of Indiana Jones suddenly grow up and become my pissy grandpa?

Maybe it's time you pony up for those orthopedic shoes because you obviously have some sort of pain causing you much discomfort. You're probably the same kind of person who after seeing Chewbacca for the first time said, "That's so fake!"

So to all the people who thought Indiana Jones 4 was "unbelievable" and "outrageous," welcome to the world of cinema. And if this is the first Spielberg/Lucas movie you've seen, I recommend you avoid the rest of their movies because you ain't going to like those either.

Goodnight. And don't worry, the crystal skulls won't bother you anymore, grandpa.

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