Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Am I the only person who knows how to make popcorn in the microwave?

Seriously. What is the correlation between a typical office setting and burning the f*ck out of popcorn in the microwave?! Obviously, these people are starting the microwave with the popcorn inside, but do they think some heroic figure is going to come along and rescue their burning popcorn??

Oh crap, was that hero supposed to be me? Dammit, I have too many duties here!

(hehe - duties)

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Lynette said...

XM banned Popcorn popping in '05. The best part about it is one of the production guys did a dramatic audio reinactment - v funny but it's not available to the public.

Just imagine this email we got from facilities read aloud with an lord-like authority voice put to dramatic music:

February 3, 2005

A reminder that Pop Corn is banned from the micro wave ovens in this building. The reason is simple – it catches fire, sets of the smoke alarm, and we evacuate the building into the street – out into the snow for 20 minutes while the fire service responds to the automated alert. THAT IS WHY THERE IS NO POP CORN IN THE VENDING MACHINES. And I can count at least 4 pop corn evacuations over three years.

The fire alarm came within a hairs breath of going off early this afternoon during one such incident. All the micro waves are now brightly marked with yellow tape with NO POPCORN. Despite that, a few minutes ago, someone just made some pop corn on the Concourse Level in a so marked micro wave.

So please – no more pop corn. And you will be held to account if you evacuate this building and that will not be a pleasant experience. If you see someone trying to pop some – don’t call me – tell them to stop immediately and then call me.

If this plea doesn’t work I will simply remove all the micro waves except those in the cafĂ© area and turn a camera on those ones so they can be monitored. One way or the other the pop corn will be stopped.

Pass the word on to your vendors, consultants , contractors , visitors and all you know that come into this building.