Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hoo Hoo

I enjoy morning radio shock jocks. It started back in Chicago with The Loop and Johnny B. in the Eighties (Chicagoans know I'm talking about a radio station called The Loop and Jonathon Brandmeier). Then in the Nineties I worked as a graphic artist in a small office full of idiots who wanted to hear Mancow. (Mancow is/was/always will be a douche.) Then I switched to Howard Stern when got to college in mid-Nineties.

Upon our move to DC in 2001 I switched to Opie and Anthony because they were affiliated with XM Satellite Radio. If you're a frat boy and/or politically conservative and enjoy making fun of people because they're different than you, O and A is the show for you. In other words, it's not that good. If you're overly sensitive then steer clear. (Plus, Jimmy Norton's recent incident with Jesse Ventura really pissed me off.)

Within the last month, I have switched back to Stern (post-merger) and realized that he truly is the king. There's no denying Stern is a pro and his celebrity interviews are wonderful. I can go without the farting, but it's silly for silly's sake. And Robin's news is still awesome.

But the show that tops them all - Ron and Fez (11-3) on XM. Pure entertainment.

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