Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baptism by the Bay

Baptism by the Bay 2006 from National Community Church on Vimeo.

As some of you already know, I have chosen to study and follow Christ a few months ago.  It has been a profound transition in my life and it continues to strengthen me the further along the path I get.  Once a year my church, NCC, has a Baptism by the Bay event.  As you can see from the video the participants are mostly adults who have made a conscious, informed choice to follow Christ (as opposed to getting baptized as an infant, which many of us were).  I plan on doing this.  But not until next year, 2011.  I have decided to continue to attend NCC for one year before making this symbolic gesture.  This will be my year of discovery.  My year of seeking.  My year of truth.  I honestly want to do it this summer, but I feel in my heart that I'm not ready.  It wouldn't be right for me to do it right now. 

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