Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Hundred Two


It's really fucking hot, man!  Watch the lips of people as they exit buildings in this heat... they're all saying, "Fuck."  That's when the weight of the heat falls on them like a sack of baked potatoes.  The oppression got to me, too.  I was walking to the metro and I started to stagger and zig zag like I was drunk.  This is how it feels when your eye balls boil in your skull!  And then we all play the cool guy game: "It ain't so bad.  I can get to the metro no problem.  I'm cool."  Then one block later you look like you just walked out of a lake like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  Come to think of it, people did sort of have that Frankenstein walk going on.  Then there were the tourists whose Crocs had melted to their feet.  They were dressed appropriately, but lacked orientation.

Upside: Pretty women.  A couple more days of this and I'm pretty sure we're all going topless.  Of course, my eyes will be nothing but pools of hot goo so it won't matter much anyway.   

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Lucky1304 said...

It's true. I consistently say "fuck" when running in this heat. And by "this heat," I mean my heat. It's not quite as hot in IL, but it's still too hot for running outside prolly.