Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Robe Guy

  • A woman called me Jim this morning.  I responded by calling her Pam.  She didn't get it.  Such is my life.
  • Some people read the newspaper on the train with the gusto of a dim-witted, intoxicated teenage gum-smacker.
  • A coworker is angry with me because I pointed out some dead roaches near her cubicle.  Like I decide where roaches die.
  • My dog is sick and I'm willing to bet I'll need to clean up vomit when I get home tonight. Need or want?  Or should?
  • My vacation starts in three days. Two not counting today.  I may or may not wear pants for the duration.  
  • Speaking of not wearing pants, I should buy a nice robe.  I can be a robe guy.  THEN I can start writing my novel...
  • I'll wait and ask for a robe at Christmas.

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