Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Random men have no qualms asking me about sporting events from nights previous. But the minute I approach someone in the men's room and say, "How about that awesome audio remastering on the new Star Wars Blu Rays?" I get tackled by the Normal Police and labeled "nerd' and "outcast."

This morning I was approached and asked if I "caught the game last night."  Even though I'm baseball fan I went ahead and assumed he meant the football game.  "Yeah, I saw a little bit of it."  And then the dude started dropping names of players on the team like he was their dad.  "Fuck, I didn't watch it THAT closely!"  (I didn't say that.)

But if you're going to ask me about Player A and Player B and what they had for breakfast and if I think Player C likes cats, I'm going to come back with "Those new Tattooine landscapes in the Blu Rays are really nice, huh?"

One more thing:  If it's acceptable for an adult to wear a football player costume (AKA jersey) any day of the week on any day of the year, I should be allowed to wear my Stormtrooper costume to the store.

Oh, and one more thing... you Fantasy Football players are only one D20 away from evolving into a wicked game of D&D. And if that happens please call me.

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