Friday, January 6, 2012

Math Night

Have I ever told you about the super happy fun photography club I'm in?  It's called the Math Night Photography Club and we eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast. ("You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?")

If you have a camera and a habit of taking photos of stuff, you're welcome to join.  Photo assignments are handed down from "Becky" every week via email and then submissions are posted in a private web site on Reddit. 

If you want in, first, go to reddit and sign up with your own user name. Then email with your reddit name so you can be given access to our submissions page.  (If you had permission already you'd find it HERE.)

We're a friendly, somewhat anonymous, group of attractive people and if you're cool enough to be reading this blog then you'd probably fit in.  And let's be honest, you have absolutely no reason not to play with us.    

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