Friday, January 20, 2012

TV and the Open Marriage

The news.  We are such morons.  Yes, yes, media today is about as valuable as a half drank can of Coke, but it's not like "the news" all of a sudden got "bad."  As they say, those in power write history.  Perhaps what we're seeing on our televisions and newspapers and computer screens is the power struggle of large corporations fighting to sell the most ad space to the Macy's underwear department or stores where you can turn your gold into cash.  As a liberal Democrat, I cannot fathom how any intelligent American can watch a channel like Fox News and not feel like most of the story was left out.  Can't these Fox watching people see that they are being catered to?  If there was an all-spider channel, guess who'd be their core audience? Arachnophobes! 

I know similar arguments can be made against the "liberal media," whatever that is, but I'm a liberal, so I'll need to have someone point them out to me.  I think somewhere along the line the people in the news room started having orgies with sitcom writers, because nowadays all I see are "reality" shows.  Both in prime time and on "news channels."  Or maybe the definition of news is going through a metamorphosis right before our eyes.  For example, a couple weeks ago Beyonce had a baby.  The buzz about it here at work was so electric and excited you'd think Jesus Christ had materialized and was currently showing people the most amazing card tricks in the break room.  And of course I was missing out.  Which is how I feel most of the time when it comes to television shows.  I can't explain why that guy from The Big Bang Theory keeps winning Emmy's over Bryan Cranston.  Or why we care so dearly about the Kardashians.  (Wait, one of them is kinda pretty? Oh, well then never mind.) 

So I have decided to Make My Own News.  (Not really.)  This rant is over you can move along now.  Hang on... How about that Newt Gingrich asking his wife to share him with the woman he had been having a six year affair with?  Balls as big as Fiats.

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