Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chess King

Not really.

I played chess last night. My friend Max and I got together for a friendly session of chess in the courtyard. We decided to make the game a regular occurrence.

Yes, we're forming a chess club. Of course, the hardest part of forming a chess club is coming up with a snappy name. And with Autumn right around the corner, I need to order our satin jackets soon in which the club name shall be embroidered on the back.

Max suggested Pawn Pals. It might stick if no one can come up with something funnier.

Anyway, there we were, quietly playing chess. Slowly, more and more people began gravitating towards us. Max's wife, Chris, came out and read a book. Andrea came out and knitted. Sparky came out and studied for Acquisitions Law class. Martha and Eric came out to say hi. And Lynette finally arrived with a bag full of fancy food items purchased from Whole Foods.

It was a true feeling of community. The only thing we didn't have was a couple of guys playing with a Hacky Sack.

Wait a minute! We live in a dorm! Shit, we're back in college!

Good thing Max and I appear to be the cool ones.

BTW, Max kicked my ass and won all three games.


Lynette said...

How did everyone know to go out there on a Monday evening? - none of those people have units facing the courtyard.

News travels fast.

Chris said...

It's like a giant magnent is buried out under the fountain or something...