Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I recently made the decision to get back into comics. But this time I might not be alone.

Lynette has shown some interest in reading comic books. Especially, after picking up a new comic book titled Spiderman Loves Mary Jane, which is geared toward a young female reader. (For the record, it's a very good comic... men dig it, too.)

Yesterday, I was explaining to Lynette that I would need to make a trip to my local comic shop for new comics. Wednesday is the day new comics come out. And Lynette said she was excited to pick up the new Spiderman Loves Mary Jane. But I broke her heart a little when I explained that comics are only published monthly. Her new favorite comic just came out last week. She'll have to wait until the first week of September for issue #2.

Then she said something that made me realize that she might be hooked: "I'll have to get into a few more comics so that I have something to read while I wait."


And that's what reading/collecting comic books is all about. Filling up our time reading comics while we wait for more comics.

It's an addiction really. In the early 90s, I was heavily into comics. I couldn't stop. I needed more and more. But then I left home for Yellowstone National Park where there are no comic shops. I stopped cold turkey.

So today I'm going to a couple comic shops. I found one downtown where I work called Big Monkey Comics. It's a fifteen minute walk and it's a beautiful day. Then later tonight, Nova Comics, where I'll help Lynette get into a new title (or four). Maybe she'll enjoy X-men or Hellboy or even Superman.

Heck, it's no different than watching your favorite TV show. And Lynette loved Heroes on NBC.

Pretty soon we'll each have our own long box.


Lynette said...

While I pride myself as a gamerchic, comic book chic just doesn't have the same ring...but I DON'T CARE. I can't believe there are not more comics geared towards women. Like soaps...they suck you in. It's an untapped market!

I'll gonna need my own supply of boards and bags.

Lynette said...

Typo. I'm gonna need my own supply of boards and bags.

Bodog said...

Ah, married comic readers. Support for your geekery from the one you most love. It's a beautiful thing.

Lynette...September 3...Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #2.