Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Future of the Book

The Future of the Book. from IDEO on Vimeo.

These are ambitious ideas.  Ambition is good.   But there really is no telling what people will grab hold of nowadays.  There's no good reason why these shouldn't work, BUT, but, but "good reasons" don't dictate why or what we choose to invest in (creatively) or what is chosen for us to invest in.  In this day and age the popular kids still rule the school, and if only a few people jump on board this bandwagon it simply won't be lucrative enough for these devices to exist.

But then again... Blockbuster just filed for bankruptcy.  Everything is becoming digital.  As I've been hearing lately, "it's an On Demand world now."  Google, Facebook, Twitter, what's next?  I've already proven to myself that the fastest source for breaking news is Twitter.  Consider this: The iPad was the Moon landing when it comes to how information will be available to us.  (Smartphones were Apollo missions 1 through 10.)  it would be incredibly naive to think that the concepts presented in the video above won't someday be real.  The question is when and how. 

Anyway, I like Alice.  Seems like fun. 

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Lynette said...

These three ideas are big - but won't replace books. The first two seem more like options to use at a library as another resource and the third, Alice, seems more like a book in a tech nerd choose your own adventure game. All of them are really cool though.