Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feeding the Trolls

I recently got trolled by someone who thinks my political viewpoint is a "political retardation."  Fair enough.  It is the internet after all.  We all have the right to broadcast our opinions and beliefs and nonsense to the world of whoever might be listening (myself included, obviously).  It's not like I can shoo this person out of my yard with a garden hose (or a semi-automatic rifle if I were a "conservative" right winger).  And although I disagree with most "conservative" ploys to under mind the free-thinking, intellectualism in this country, I will always wholeheartedly defend their right to do it.  Troll on, mystery troll!

I grew up in a small, manure scented farm town with a population of 1,600 people about 45 miles northwest of Chicago.  We had no fast food restaurants, no movie theaters, and no communication with the outside world.  To say my hometown was all white would be an understatement.  And yet somehow my best friend throughout my entire childhood was a kid from Korea who moved in next door when I was in the fifth grade.  I witnessed racism and intolerance on unimaginable levels, all from the mouths of so called "conservative" children and adults alike. 

When I got to college, I somehow ended up living with two homosexual women.  Initially an odd trio due to my heterosexuality, we became very close and I was welcomed into the lesbian/bisexual/gay community.  Although I was straight, I observed first hand the amount of hate and judgmental vitriol my gay friends had to endure, all from the "godly," hateful mouths of "conservatives."

Since 1996, I have been working with people with developmental/intellectual disabilities, and continue to do so today.  The word "retard" offends me greatly.  No other group of people in this country have been pushed aside and swept under the rug more than people with developmental disabilities.  There are institutions that still exist today, mostly due to "conservative," right wing politicians who refuse to believe that ALL citizens in this country have the same rights.  Even the ones who cannot speak for themselves.  Even the gay ones. Even the ones who don't appear to have pale, white skin. 

In my experiences on this planet, I have learned that the most judgmental, intolerant, racist, homophobic people are the ones who claim to be "conservative."  Beware their poisonous, hateful, infectious words.  But respect their right to say them. 

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Lynette said...

I viewed that comment as mostly complimentary - because come on man - who cares about the political stuff. What I took away from it was a compliment on your writing skills - which ROCK - so you shoulda been a bit nicer. Just sayin'. (They did use the R word though, and I know how much you dislike that.)