Thursday, February 9, 2012

Monkeys Vs. JFK

I made two purchases yesterday.  An album and a book.  I bought Sharon Van Etten's new album Tramp, and Stephen King's new book 11/22/63

Tramp suddenly became one of those albums that got heavy rotation on my iPod.  It speaks to me.  Maybe it'll speak to you.  Only one way to find out... (This is when you click over to iTunes and buy the entire album for a measly $7.99, no foolin', mister.)

And King's book, well, cliched or not, the man can and has and continues to write like a fucking champion.  Not every at-bat leads to a home run, but this one seems different.  So far the first few chapters hooked me and I'm in it to win it.  Other people who have reviewed this book are calling it one of his best.  The premise, as described on an Amazon blurb, is this dude goes back in time to stop the Kennedy assassination.  Stop! Take my money!

One more thing, since we're talking about entertainment media and whatnot, I watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes last week and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was.  It's a simple film with a simple premise, but it had just the right amount of humanity and action to make me nod in approval.  Oh, and speaking of James Franco, holy shit have you seen 127 Hours yet?  Amazing.  Franco was astounding.  I highly recommend adding that one to your James Franco movie marathon. 

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