Friday, March 16, 2012

Demotivate or Die

Had a thought the other day after hearing someone say "Live Every Day Like It's Your Last Day!"  And all I could really think of in response was "Blow It Out Your Ass, You Non-working Lazy Dick!"  Because can you imagine a world where everyone was living like it was their last day?  Think about it... If we were all informed that a meteor had slipped past detection and was about to strike the Earth tomorrow, do you think I'd be sitting here in a cubicle at work?  Shit, I wouldn't even be obeying traffic signs!  Those who weren't lucky enough to find someone to have sex with would be contributing to a chaotic, panic-stricken, terrifying world.  Riots would erupt in the streets. Any semblance of law and order would disappear.  I can't think of a more awful way to live.  Anyone who says live every day like your last is nothing but a sadistic anarchist.  I say live every day like you have thousands more to follow.   You can still be happy and fulfilled knowing that your days are not numbered.  You're allowed joy without the cost of the end of days.

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