Thursday, March 8, 2012

Midnight in Paris

Last weekend Lynette and I watched a movie.  A whole movie.  We only had to pause it 18 times to quell the cries of both baby and dog. For our rare moment of cinematic joy we chose Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris (because it won an Oscar for its screenplay and I'm a sucker for good writing - - How a film can win best screenplay and not best picture confuses me...)  Anyway, if you consider yourself literary or a lover of the arts I highly recommend this movie.  In it a man visiting Paris finds himself transported nightly to a Paris of the 1920's.  He meets and parties with the Fitzgerald's (F. Scott and Zelda) and takes manly advice from a young Ernest Hemingway. Paths are crossed with Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso and  various other "Ex-patriots."  We even get to see a group of young Absurdists including  Salvador Dali played wonderfully by Adrian Brody.  There were many other references to famous writers and artists that I did not recognize, but represented nonetheless.  It's a simple, fantastical, charming movie. Short and delightful.  I say see it and like it.  Cheers.

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