Monday, March 19, 2012

Screaming into the sky, arms outstretched.

The leaky kitchen sink is fixed.  Fixed! 

The carpets are shampooed.  Shampooed!

The meat is ground.  Ground!   Wait... ground meat?  Yes, blog readers, after catching up on the recent scare of the moment, we have decided that we do no want to eat ground beef that has been treated with what scientists are calling the Pink Slime. 

(In brief, Pink Slime is taking all the parts of the cow that cannot/should not be eaten like cartilage, gristle, and all those lovely sinewy pieces typically left on the plate after eating a steak, and grinding/melting/rendering it down into a mush that then must be soaked/cleaned in an ammonia based chemical bath to kill all the E-Coli and other peculiar bacteria that forms after the trash pile of cow parts sits in a pile on the floor before going through this process.  The mush (Pink Slime) is then added back into the good meat so that stores, et al, get more bang for their buck.  Alarmingly, because Pink Slime has all the fat rendered out of it, it can be added to "regular" ground beef and bring the fat content down.  That package of 90% fat free ground beef is most likely jacked up with a bunch of Pink Slime filler.  Most grocery stores do this, but not all.  Here's a list if you're curious.  Note: "organic" beef sold in stores does not use Pink Slime. 

As someone who knows his way around a kitchen and fancies himself somewhat knowledgeable in the culinary world, this Pink Slime business offends me.  All in the realm of saving money, companies have decided that they can sneak dog food grade material into what we eat.  I'm not a rich man, but for fuck's sake I would like for my food to taste good.  To make us seem even more stupid and moronic, the "powers that be" have decided to call this nifty filler Lean Finely Textured Beef, AND are not required to indicate in any way on the label that the meat you are about to feed your children contains ammonia hydroxide. 

With all that said, Lynette and I purchased a meat grinder attachment for our KitchenAid stand mixer.  I bought a bunch of sirloin steaks and made a slew of burgers.  I added no fillers to my burgers.

Here's Jamie Oliver explaining Pink Slime to a group of West Virginians (read: dumbed down real low)