Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Counter Culture Coffee

My coffee came! In the mail!

Last week, I ordered some coffee from Counter Culture Coffee, a roaster in North Carolina. All the coffee is organic, shade grown, and fair trade.

There was an article in The Washington Post last week about our area's specialty coffee shops after a brief altercation occurred at one of our independently owned coffee shops refused a customer espresso over ice. The event made its way onto the internet and a blog war erupted. In the end, the question still remained: Is the customer always right, or Must store policies be adhered to to protect the integrity of the product? There was no clear winner, but it made for an interesting week on the webs.

So The Post saw fit to run a piece about our various coffee shops and how serious its patrons take their sacred Joe.

Come to find out, several of the local joints order their coffee from Counter Culture. I have been known to say, "I wish there was a good coffee shop around here." I only want a cup of coffee. I don't need any of those iced frou frou milkshakes now being prioritized by the national chain coffee "shops." The simple act of serving REGULAR COFFEE is gone at these places.

Have you tasted their coffee lately? It's disgusting. Mostly, it tastes like it's been sitting there since morning. Because it has been. For shame.

By the way, you Frappucino lemmings, a grande (or MEDIUM - duh) Caramel Machiatto from Starbucks is 720 calories. (I might be exaggerating.)

Anyway, I ordered GOOD coffee and now I'm drinking it. All is right in the world. For now.


capt. shitknife said...

Just a minor point of clarification: Counter Culture Coffee is based out of Durham, North Carolina.

JC said...

I'm not originally from these parts, but I do know better than to confuse the two. My apologies.