Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sirius XM, Or Does Lynette Still Have a Job?

Yes, Lynette still has a job.

It's been on our minds for the last year and a half, since Sirius and XM announced they'd like to merge.

In case you don't read the newspapers, the FCC (finally) made a decision regarding the merger. A vote of 3-2 in favor was officially passed late Monday night.

The new company has been named Sirius XM Radio. Yesterday, the CEO of the new company met with the XM employees and tried to answer questions on people's minds.

Though it is still theorized that redundant music channels will be eliminated, the general message to the employees was that both services will continue to operate separately. For now.

Truth is, there's too many subscribers out there they'd risk alienating if they suddenly dropped random channels, or forced everyone to buy new hardware. Think of all the cars with satellite radio pre-installed - there's no way those people are going to run out and get new dashboard radios.

Also, it was communicated that the studios in DC will remain. For us, that was a HUGE relief.

Lynette is excited about the endeavor. Let's face it, these companies, which offer excellent services, need to start making money. Now we just have to hope her channel is deemed better than the same offering on Sirius. I read on various message boards on the webs (not that it holds much water) that her channel is the preferred channel in her genre.

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