Friday, July 25, 2008

Mad Men

Look, I spoke earlier about how Lynette and are getting into this show Mad Men on AMC, but that post was written after only watching one episode. We're trying to watch the entire season before Sunday when season 2 starts, and I have to stress how much this show blows me away.

We're five episodes in and I can't remember a show having such rich and layered characters as this. I am so totally sucked into this world of 1959 New York City - where the men have secretaries and wear fedoras, where wives stay home preparing dinner and looking pretty. (I'm speaking satirically.)

Let me say this: It's the wives on this show that I find most intriguing. Yes, it's the 50s, women were "expected" to be a certain way, but as we all know in retrospect, things weren't always "perfect" like we were supposed to think they were. The women on this show are the most complex and interesting.

Here's the cool opening credits sequence... I think it's awesome:

And the TV trailer for the first season:

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Paw said...

Hey J. Long time. Just wanted to say hey. I've actually been getting into some of my friends blogs lately and happened upon your's and Lynette's. So now, I've finally had a reason to comment. Libby (my girlfriend) and I also started watching Mad Men. F-ing awesome! We're only on episode 6. Wasn't sure at first I would get into it, but it just keeps sucking you in! Anyway, I just wanted to concur and say hey. Keep up the good blogging! Go Cubs!