Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doctor Hobo is IN

Went on a BBQ tour of North Carolina, got food poisoning. It ain't easy being me.

Scratch that - it is easy being me. Very easy. However, I have had plenty of practice.

Back to NC: I picked up Ross, Austin, and Mike from the metro on Friday and then we drove down  to Chapel Hill and met up with Stuart and Andy. Note: Ross's new name is Rooster and I'm Doctor Hobo. Write it down. We ate plenty of of BBQ. And I did lose a day to food poisoning. I still managed to drive a go-cart. Twice. Then promptly puked my guts out for twelve hours.

North Carolina is beautiful. It reminded me of Montana and Wyoming. I shall be returning. Oh, I shall. Honestly, I can see myself living there. The tree to human ratio is nicely imbalanced in favor of the trees, and everything is peacefully spaced far enough apart. Actually, it's very much like Wisconsin.

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