Friday, April 5, 2013


By Louise Gluck

Spring comes quickly: overnight
the plum tree blossoms,
the warm air fills with bird calls.

In the plowed dirt, someone has drawn a picture of the sun
with rays coming out all around
but because the background is dirt, the sun is black.
There is no signature.

Alas, very soon everything will disappear:
the bird calls, the delicate blossoms. In the end,
even the earth itself will follow the artist's name into oblivion.

Nevertheless, the artist intends
a mood of celebration.

How beautiful the blossoms are—emblems of the resilience of life.
The birds approach eagerly.

(Note: In college I submitted a book of poetry for publication and Louise Gluck was the judge. Her rejection letter hung on my bathroom wall and I looked at it every time I took a shit.)

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mama said said...

Heh heh heh. awesome.